Treatment on your terms.

Ditch the DIY skincare and try some treatment with TLC.

From your free online assessment with a medical professional to convenient at-home delivery of proven prescription products, Treaty is skincare made simple.

Streamlined skincare— powered by Treaty.


Choose your skin condition

Treaty will recommend a product for you based on your selection.


Register and create your profile

Creating an account will help Treaty provide you with the best possible experience.


Complete a medical assessment

Medical history information you provide helps our doctors better understand your skin care needs.


Provide payment information

Fees include a $45 virtual visit fee plus the cost of your product.


Schedule a virtual consultation

Within about 15 minutes of scheduling, a Treaty doctor will "meet" with you—or you can schedule an appointment for a later date.


Receive your product in the mail

Your Treaty product is delivered directly to your doorstep. No pharmacy pick-ups. No hassles.

Ready to start treating your skin right?

Have any questions?

Does my Treaty doctor replace my regular doctor?

Treaty is there to supplement the care you are already receiving from your primary care physician (PCP), not replace it. As with any changes to your health or medications you may be taking, always keep your PCP updated on treatments you may be prescribed through Treaty.

How will my Treaty doctor know which treatment is right for me after only a short virtual visit?

Before your virtual visit, you will fill out a medical questionnaire that will help the doctor understand your medical history, including previous and current conditions you may have, as well as any products or medications you may be allergic to. Depending on your particular skin condition, you may also be asked to upload a few photos of your skin so your Treaty doctor can better assist you.

What do I need to access my telehealth appointment?

You will need a device connected to the internet in order to access your appointment. Video may be required for some appointments.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Getting an appointment with one of our doctors is not only convenient, but it's also quick—as in, as little as 15 minutes quick. However, if you're not immediately available for an appointment, one can be scheduled for you at a later time.

How long is the appointment?

Most appointments take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Will my insurance cover my prescription?

We do not currently accept insurance in order to offer the most competitive pricing on products.

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