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BenzePro® Foaming Cloths


Foaming cloths


Carton containing 60 individually wrapped foaming cloths


Can be used at home or on the go

Have any questions?

How is acne diagnosed?

While there isn’t a test for acne, a doctor can diagnose acne by visually inspecting the skin. During diagnosis, the doctor will note what kind of breakouts you have (eg, blackheads, whiteheads, etc) and where on your face or body the breakouts appear. This enables the doctor to prescribe a treatment that will be effective for your specific skin condition.

Does stress cause acne?

Stress does not cause acne, but can cause already-present acne to worsen. The same applies to diet and sleep; eating certain foods and not logging enough hours of shuteye may potentially increase the severity of existing acne.

I thought only teenagers got acne. Can adults get it too?

While acne most commonly affects people during adolescence (15 to 19 years old), acne can persist into adulthood or can appear for the first time during adulthood. In people 20 to 29 years old, it’s estimated that more than half of women and more than 40% of men are affected by acne.

I wash my face well every day. Why do I still have acne?

For years, bad hygiene was often blamed as the primary cause of acne, with soap being a recommended acne treatment since the 1800s. However, there has been no solid evidence that supports a direct link between skin cleansing and acne improvement. In fact, rigorous scrubbing and too-frequent washing of the skin has been shown to increase skin irritation and worsen acne.

Why isn’t my current skin care routine working?

There may be a variety of reasons it’s not working, so we can’t say for sure, but our doctors can help. Schedule your telehealth appointment today to get a prescription that will actually help.

Will Treaty products interact or interfere with my existing skin care routine?

Only our doctors can provide this level of information, so be sure to include as much information as possible prior to your consultation.

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